Monday, May 7, 2012

Twig Ball

I was walking through Crate and Barrel a while ago and this driftwood ball caught my eye. (If you don't already know, I am obsessed with sphere shapes which you can read about here).
I loved it and I thought it might be fun to try making one on my own. Since we don't live near the beach, and our house is surrounded by way too many trees, I decided to use what was right outside my door--branches and twigs.
After I collected an armful of sticks I broke them up into about 3-inch pieces. I bought a good-sized inflatable beach ball to use as the foundation. Using a hot glue gun, I started covering the ball with the pieces. Be sure to glue the sticks only to each other and not to the beach ball so it can be easily deflated and removed at the end.
When I would accidentally have a big blob of glue I just covered it with a smaller twig. It took me several evenings to complete but now it's done and I love it!
Here is yet another sphere to add to my collection, and I love to incorporate outdoor elements indoors--it really breathes a lot of life in to a room!

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