Sunday, April 1, 2012

April Flowers: Passover Centerpieces

This month, my "Flowers on First" series falls right in the middle of my Passover preparations. I volunteered to make 32 centerpieces for my daughter and her husband, who are expecting somewhere around 100 students for their Passover Seder, which is being held in a tent in a park in Amherst, MA! (They make up the team of Chabad Nation which serves the needs of Jewish students at four colleges in the Amherst area).
I needed to keep the cost down since I had so many centerpieces to make. I also wanted them to be colorful and fun (after all, it's for college students).  I purchased plastic food containers found at the dollar store to use as vases, and covered them with fun gift wrap.

For flowers, I used whatever I had blooming in our yard (which was not much since the weather in Connecticut is still going down into the 30's at night)! I cut some greenery and Forsythia, then added some baby's breath from the supermarket. Since the containers are the wow factor, so I could get away with greens and simple flowers--one type per vase.

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