Thursday, March 29, 2012

Slip Covered Haggadahs

If you know how to cover a book with a paper book cover, you can make these elegant slip-covered Haggadah covers.
Over the years, our Haggadahs have become dog-earred and wine stained. This simple cover gives them a fresh, new look.

Choose colored paper to match your tablecloth or table decor. (I found mine at the craft store). Cut the paper to cover the Haggadah leaving about an inch or so to fold in and tuck into the front and back. I added a coordinating ribbon down the center spine and a white round sticker to keep it closed flat. I added a label with our family's name and the date which I printed out on my computer.

Not only are these pretty, it makes the Passover Seder that much more personalized.
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