Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tu B'Shevat Seder Table

The Jewish Holiday of Tu B'Shevat also known as the Jewish New Year for Trees, is February 8.  One way to celebrate the holiday is with a Seder, tasting many of the fruits that grow in Israel.  Here's how to get started.

 My own Seder table is set and ready for guests...

To see how I made the miniature tree place card, click here.

Since wheat is served on the Seder table, cookies are ideal and yummy.

Two bottles of wine should be served--red and white. Assembling the grapes into a topiary is so much more fun visually than grapes sitting in a bowl. Here's how to make it:
*After purchasing a round Styrofoam ball, cover it with plastic wrap.
*Put the ball in a flower pot.
*Using toothpicks, stick a grape into ball one at a time until the topiary is formed.
*Use parsley to fill any bare spots.
Dates, olives and almonds are served on small plates.
A bowl filled with apples stacked on top of a cake stand adds height to the table. Fresh flowers make any meal special.
Enjoy the holiday!

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