Friday, January 27, 2012

Bathroom Redesign for Under $200!

Remodeling bathrooms can be expensive. Ripping out tile, toilets, or showers that are outdated or flat-out falling apart costs enough--and that’s before you even think about replacing them with new ones!

If you don't have the money to totally remodel a bathroom (or you have a rental, as the case was here) here's how to make it look great on a tight budget, as shown below.
This was a bathroom that was U-G-L-Y! The good news was it was in good shape--no broken tiles, no plumbing problems--just needed some updating and a good dose of style. The most dramatic change here was color. The "before" color was a weird shade of yellowish/green. The wood vanity was ho-hum brown.
The new color is "Cinder" from Benjamin Moore's Aura Bath & Spa paint line. Not only did this paint cover the walls in less than two coats, but it stands up to hot, humid conditions,  provides a mildew resistant coating, and is low VOC and low odor. The vanity got a few coats of a soft taupe and some new sleek knobs from Ikea.
The old light fixture and the Plain-Jane mirror didn't do much to help the look of the vanity area.

Some easy, inexpensive tricks were used here. First, the light fixture was painted the same dark grey as the walls. Now, it blends into background and you don't notice the unattractive fixture. Next I bought three seeded glass shades (for six dollars each!!!) and clear light bulbs from Lowe's--it gives the light a whole new look!
Same for the mirror--chair molding was cut to size and mitered by the guy at my lumberyard. It adds a "frame" to the mirror and makes it looks custom! I gave it a coat of silver spray paint, and then dabbed some brown glaze (with plastic wrap) to give it an antique look.

The shade was meant to be temporary when the family moved in, but two years later, it was still here.
Although the new Levolor Solar Shade stays down most of the time it lets light into the room during the day. They can see out but outside can't see in.

These shelves were a good idea for extra storage, but the wood was not finished and they were not used efficiently.
By adding some trim to the edges and painting them the same color as the walls, they are the perfect place to store extra bath towels, shampoos and a glass container filled with soap.
Don't forget the shower curtain--it adds tons of color and softness to a "hard" room.
Last but not least, are the details. Even a bathroom needs art, decorative shelving, and pretty accessories.  
Here's the cost run-down...
Paint: $48.00 (Benjamin Moore Aura Bath & Spa)
Shower curtain: $30.00 (Target-Fieldcrest Luxury Multi-Stripe)
Shelf: $29.99 (Ikea-Savern shelf)
Knobs: $9.99 (Ikea-Varde)
Molding for mirror: $21.00 (local lumberyard)
Seeded glass light shades: $18.81 (Lowe's)
Two picture frames: $11.98 (Ikea)
Solar Shade: $30.00 (Lowe's-Levolor)
TOTAL: $199.77

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