Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Jonathan Adler Inspired Vases

I've admired Jonathan Adler's textural pottery for quite some time. You may have seen some of his work, like these three beautiful examples on the left that range in price from $78 to $200.
The photo on the far right is by another designer, Kelly Wearstler. It's a brass studded vase and retails for $895!  I thought I'd try and do my own version of these with vases I picked up at the dollar store.
Here is what I gathered...I did not pay more than $2.99 per vase.
I found the Crayola Air-Dry clay and puffy paint at Michael's and I picked up the pastry tip to use as a tiny cookie cutter.
I rolled the clay out just as I would for cookie dough, and cut out the shapes with a mini cookie cutter.
Parchment paper kept the clay from sticking to the table.
I sprayed the large vase with grey primer which had the added advantage of covering the printed design which was too distracting for me to work with.  A drop of glue on the back of the clay shapes helped them stick to the vase once they dried. 
For the white vase, I decided to try a simple dot pattern with the puffy paint.  A rubber band helped keep the rows of dots straight and I was able to mark 1-inch spaces on the band with a marker.
When I finished, I gave all the vases a few coats of white spray paint and then applied clear polyurethane. Okay, so they're not as fabulous as Jonathan Adler's but they look pretty darn elegant and my total for everything was under $25 including supplies!

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