Monday, December 24, 2012

Upshernish Invitations

Our grandson, Yosef is turning three-years-old next month and he'll be getting his first haircut. This ceremony, practiced by many Jewish families when a boy turns three, is called an Upshernish. It's a hair cutting ceremony and party where all the guests will be invited to take a "snip" of Yosef's hair. (Whether he lets us do this shall be determined!)

My daughter, Ariel and I have been busy planning the party but we could not find any invitations we liked so we decided to make them ourselves. After about 40 shots (two-year-olds do not sit still for very long) we came up with the winner. Using the software program, PicMonkey it was easy to add the type and send the file to Motophoto for prints.
The next day after the party, he'll go to the barbershop for his first real haircut.

The outtakes are always more fun than the final shot...

I'll post all the fun party ideas in the next few weeks...


  1. Your grandson is adorable. You are so blessed!

    1. Thank you Roxanne--he is a cutie but also a handful!

  2. Mazel Tov! He will look so grown up afterwards. Love the invitation.


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