Wednesday, November 7, 2012


It's official. Our house is sold and we're moving in less than four weeks! 
The bad news is that the new house needs work. Wanna hear the good news? The new house needs work!!

We have looked at dozens of houses over the past few months, and I will be the first one to admit, we were picky!

Our biggest beef was always with the kitchen. (Or the location. Or the backyard. Or... OK... That's another story!) The houses in these neighborhoods are older, so even homeowners who are able and willing to renovate usually overlook the massive job of gutting an entire kitchen.

Aside from the kitchen not looking "Pinterest-Ready," we also want to make it easier to keep kosher: Two sinks, two ovens, two dishwashers, etc. So the bad news is that we're going to be eating a LOT of take-out in the beginning. But the good news is that you'll get to follow our progress as I post before and afters, and a LOT of how-tos. Check out my Kitchen board on Pinterest to see my inspiration photos, and stay tuned...


  1. I spy an Empire Kosher box. Hazlacha and mazal with your move.

  2. Mazel Tov! It's probably exciting and a little daunting all at once. It will be fun to follow your progress.

    1. Yes, it is exciting but we'll be living in a mess for a while :(


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