Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Plain into Fancy Glasses

Here's an easy way to turn ordinary plain drinking glasses into something much more festive for the holidays.
Mine will be used for Chanukah--I looked for tiny Star of David or dreidel stickers but since it's only October, I couldn't find any so I settled on dot stickers instead. Any shape of sticker can be used...snowflakes would be perfect for winter or leaves for Thanksgiving.
The process is simple. Place your stickers where you'd like the shapes to appear on the glass. (I painted only the bottom fourth of the glass). I found it helpful to wear a plastic bag on my hand when spraying. Not only did this keep my hand clean but it protected the rest of the glass from being sprayed. Carefully peel the stickers off the glass--an exacto knife worked well, just be careful not to scratch the paint. 

I like the look of gold but any color can be used. How about pink for a girl's birthday party, or black for a chic anniversary party with "letter" stickers spelling out the couple's names? 

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  1. So pretty! Wouldn't it be nice for a vase, too? I may do that as a gift! I'm waiting for the dreidel stickers.

  2. I love the idea of doing a vase. Is the paint dishwasher safe?


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