Monday, August 6, 2012

Fall Fashions for Kids

If you haven't shopped for baby or toddler clothing recently let me fill you in--
they. are. so. cute!

One of the fun things about having grandchildren is dressing them in adorable clothing and I don't remember finding clothes this cute when my kids were toddlers! 

Summer will be over before we know it so here are some mood boards I did for all three kids for the fall...

Moussia (age 4)
Polka dot dress, Old Navy; leggings, J. Crew; sweater, Nordstorm; stripped shirt, Gap; Barn jacket, J. Crew; skirt, J. Crew; boots, Gap; Grey dress, Gap, Silver shoes, Nordstorm.

Yosef (age 2)
Navy hoodie, Nordstorm; orange jacket, Target; chino pants, Old Navy; striped shirt, Gap; deck sneakers, Gap; vest and shirt, Old navy; Navy pants, The Children's Place; brown shoes, The Children's Place.

Zelda (age 3 weeks)
Sweet pea shirt, pants and cap, Gap; Pink sweater, Nordstorm; blue smock and leggings, Nordstorm; Robeeze shoes,; pink eyelet sweater, Old navy; knit dress, Old Navy; pink tights, Gap; crib shoes, Nordstorm.


  1. Adorable! I think that smock with the trees & bird is my favorite. I've found cute boy's clothing at an online place called Red 21 (it was in a Cool Mom's Picks newsletter). I like your choices from the Gap; I'll have to swing by there. Us Bubbies can help each other out!


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