Friday, August 24, 2012

Crib Mobile

Baby Zelda is six weeks old! She still sleeps in a co-sleeper next to her mommy's bed but soon she'll move into a real crib. I'm thinking of ideas for a mobile to hang above her crib--mobiles have come a long way since my children were babies twenty-something years ago  when most choices were plastic animals and such.

So many beautiful choices--they are almost works of art for the nursery! Here are a few ideas I am considering.

Maybe something with sky, bird or tree themes?
Clockwise from top left: silk leaves from MoonLilyMobiles on etsy; Felt birds from LoveFeltXoXo on etsy; Birds on a branch from Spool Sewing Company; cute kites in the clouds from goshandgolly on etsy.

Or, maybe cute fluffy sheep or colorful fish?
Clockwise from top left: adorable sheep from; or black and white sheep from;  Colorful fish from modernfamily magazine; or paper fish from AllySen on etsy.

Or, maybe just graphic shapes in beautiful colors.
Left, like this star mobile from littledreamer on etsy; or graphic circles from SweetDivine on etsy.

So many choices! Hard to know which direction to go let alone what a baby would prefer...which one do you like best?


  1. All very beautiful.
    My Graco pack-N-Play came with a mobile with little stuffed bears. As I wanted to stick to something more Jewish and kosher, I removed the bears and replaced them with little stuffed torahs.

  2. Beautiful. I like mobiles that are interesting from the baby's perspective--with a lot of them the baby is just looking at a bunch of animals' feet or whatever. The leaves is probably the best of these, from a face-up perspective.

    1. Hi Chaya, You are right about that. I also like the leaves for their simplicity--maybe that's the winner?


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