Friday, June 15, 2012

Kosher Delights: Fig Preserves

People tend to either hate figs or love them. I am the latter. In the U.S. you usually find them in their original form, fresh or dried, but on an Israeli Kibbutz they've gotten a little more creative. I found this on the Challah Connection website.

You can eat this any way you would fresh or dried figs, and then some. Pair it with a ripe blue cheese or some melted Brie and serve with a dry white wine. Try spooning it over vanilla ice cream, make a salad dressing with balsamic vinegar and a good extra-virgin olive oil, or get creative and use it as a base to marinate meat or chicken, or vegetables (asparagus broiled in a fig sauce glaze.... mmm).
Bon Appetite! Or, as they say in Israel, Betayavon!


  1. You've given me some good ideas! I live in Argentina and fig preserves are quite common here. I had never considered using it on anything but bread.


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