Friday, June 1, 2012

June Flowers: Birthday Centerpieces

Welcome to my monthly series, Flowers on First!

A dear friend of mine recently celebrated a milestone birthday (sorry, no information about her age)! and had a wonderful surprise party. The hostess asked me to create the flowers for the tables.
I wanted the centerpieces to look like a summer day and I decided to use all orange flowers.  (You may know about my obsession with the color orange, which you can read about here).

These plastic food containers (40% off)! from Michael's made a perfect flowerpot.  I wanted something low enough so the guests could see one another over the centerpieces while sitting at the tables. The pattern wasn't working for me so I also picked up some paint and gave them two coats of this Aquarium blue in a Pearl finish.

I used floral foam inside the containers to hold all the flowers in place. This foam makes your centerpieces look professional even if you're not a florist.
Just soak in water for ten minutes or so until they absorb a lot of water.

After soaking, cut the foam with a sharp knife to fit inside your container.

Now for the fun part--the flowers! To save money and keep a low profile, I went to the garden center and bought flats of annuals--all in oranges. I found several types of tangerine Marigolds, mini-Petunias and Celosia. This was much less expensive than buying flowers from the florist. Simply snip off the flower and stick the stem into the wet floral foam.
The birthday girl loved the flowers and the party was lovely!

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  1. Beautiful! I'm just not good at arranging flowers, so this is a help. Using flats of flowers is so clever--I would never think of that. Do you know about how long such a centerpiece would last?
    (BTW, I only recently discovered your blog, and I'm really enjoying it. Maybe a little too much. I was scrolling through your archives last night when I should've been cooking for Shabbos. My new guilty pleasure!

    1. Thank you--so glad you found me!

      Mine lasted a long time...I did these days before the party and they looked fresh for the day of. I'd say they last at least week or so.

  2. I love the idea of buying flats of flowers, money and time saver. What are in the little boxes on the table?

    1. The little white boxes were party favors filled with chocolates for each guest to take home.

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