Monday, June 11, 2012

Hartford Show House 2012

One of my favorite things about Spring is visiting the Show Houses that are open in the area. This year I only made it to one--the Junior League of Hartford Show House. They always pick a big historic mansion with beautiful grounds. This one was no exception. It was built in 1921, takes up 7,000 square feet, and was home to former Connecticut State Senator Alfred Wechsler.

I often get great ideas from these annual Spring field trips and file them away for my own use.

The foyer was done by Ammatti Design. I loved the round table in the center of the room and the orbs and vases staged on the top. (By the way-- can you see that amazing wall in the bathroom? Yes, the one that looks upholstered. Well, that's tile!)

 I thought the floor was a wood inlay but when I took a closer look I realized it was stenciled!
Having just completed a stencil project, I can't imagine how long this took. But it is gorgeous!

On the opposite wall in the foyer was a small sitting area.
The salon style group of artwork is beautifully done, and check out that gorgeous embroidery on the seat below.

Next I wandered into the sun porch by Gallway Stallard. The white and turquoise are so fresh and inviting! It's a little breath of tropical for New England.
I love how they didn't use traditional porch furniture like wicker and gave the windows an "indoor" window treatment.

Furniture is another thing I photograph to steal copy get inspiration from for future painting project.
This tortoise matchbook faux painted chest in the dining room by Lafalce, Campbell & Robbin took my breath away--I'd love to do this but wouldn't even know where to start!

This one in Richard Ott's space might be easier to do with some chalk paint and molding.
Notice the tacks hammered into the edges of the sisal rug. Great idea!

My all-time favorite room in the Show House was this child's play room by Period Design and Hahn Interiors. 
I always seem to be working on a bedroom or play area for my grandchildren and this one is so inspirational--playful yet so sophisticated! LOVE the subtle yellow stripes on the walls and the center of attention light fixture.

Another favorite room was this boys room by Cynthia Mason Interiors. Check out what she did with canvas! She wanted it to feel like a tent and a wilderness camp.
Our son Ben, who is very outdoorsy, would have loved this room when he was a boy.

Great idea--using real branches for drawer pulls.

The last area I visited was the garden by General Landscaping. So many simple ideas that anyone can incorporate in their own yards.
Left: a floating deck...I always think of a deck being attached to a house but there's no reason is can't just "float" in the middle of the yard. Right: You don't have to use flowers to get a lush beautiful pot--a variety of greens looks great!

These stones are a great alternative to mulch and give much more contrast.

This raised vegetable bed shows that you can grow veggies and make it look great.  (Take note, gods of the zoning committees.) Painting the boards of the raised bed makes it look much more sophisticated.
Great way to spend a spring day!

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  1. Wonderful ideas here--thanks for taking the time to document and share them. I'm very intrigued by the vegetable bed. Would you use treated lumber & outdoor paint?

    1. Hi Terree,
      I'm not a pro-gardener but I know that you can't use treated lumber in a vegetable garden because of the chemicals. I've heard cedar or regular lumber is the way to go.

  2. hello, i saw that you wanted to try to do This tortoise matchbook faux painted chest in the dining room by Lafalce, Campbell & Robbin, another post you did you showed different spheres and you had the sliced wood spheres, you could try getting a chest from any thrift store or like a flea market and layer sliced twigs to get the effect of the chest, although it would have more texture than the on in the picture, and you can stain it in any colour.


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