Monday, June 18, 2012

Farm Share

Our daughter, Ariel gets a farm share every summer. There are many to choose from in Amherst, Massachusetts and it's a great way to have lots of fresh organic produce in your kitchen all summer. When I was visiting last week it was a "pick up" day so we packed the kids into the car and drove to the farm. 

Moussia bagged some fennel...

and picked strawberries.

Yosef helped mommy pick fresh dill...

Note to self: honey will be great for Rosh Hashanah--buy some next time!

Baby turnips and radishes will be yummy sliced into salads.
Local farms are my favorite thing about summer!

 The Lettered Cottage


  1. Look at those glorious strawberries--yum! That is summer.

    1. Yes I agree! Made spinach salad last night with strawberries and sugared almonds.


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