Monday, June 25, 2012

Bowls as Storage

Our granddaughter Moussia is approaching five-years-old, and quickly accumulating lots of accessories--hair clips, jewelry (right now she's obsessed with stick-on-earrings) and the usual nick-knacks most four-year-old's collect.

Her mommy and I thought maybe a jewelry box was the answer but instead I went with decorative bowls for storage. You can quickly find  exactly what you want and it's easy to put the right item back into the right spot.

Here is what the dresser top looked like before...

I started with a tray I had in our guest room that was not being used. The size was perfect but the brown color was not going to work for a little girl's room.
After a few coats of non-toxic purple craft paint it was time to gather the bowls. The large sea-green bowl was found at a local thrift shop, the small white bowls are from Pier One Imports and the pretty patterned bowl and colored glass were on sale at Anthropologie.
Although I used this idea in a girl's room, a collection of bowls can work in any room in the house. Great for a bathroom (cotton balls, floss, bobby pins), office (paperclips, rubber bands) or kitchen (salt and pepper, tea bags, sugar packets). Remember to put them on a tray!

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  1. love the idea! too bad my daughter has so many accessories she'd overflow the bowls!

    1. Maybe you could do just a few bowls for the most used items?


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