Monday, May 21, 2012

Flower Centerpieces for Shavuot

On the holiday of Shavuot, which celebrates the giving of the Torah, it is customary to decorate our homes and synagogues with fruit, flowers and greens. Mount Sinai was in the desert, but when the Torah was given the mountain bloomed and became covered in grass, flowers, and trees. Shavuot is also a harvest festival which coincides with harvesting the annual crop of wheat.

Sure, you can grab a bouquet of flowers and stick them in a vase with water, but here is some inspiration I found on Pinterest to take it one step further in honor of the holiday.
Find antique tea cups at thrift shops or tag sales, fill with flowers and place one at each place setting. Your guests can take it home after the meal.

Hydrangeas are all over the garden centers right now. Cover the pots with pretty fabric and after the holiday, you have new plants for your garden.
Don't forget greens--these baby tears look every bit as pretty as flowers.

A three-tiered stand is usually used for cookies or pastries but looks great with flowers instead.

How cute is this? It combines both Shavuot traditions--flowers and ice cream!

Who says you can only do a centerpiece with flowers? Why not combine beautiful vegetables like this artichoke, or mix in some fruit?

I love pairing pink with orange flowers for a eye popping statement like these two beauties.

If you're pressed for time and find yourself in the florist section of the supermarket after picking up those last couple packages of cream cheese for the cheesecake, at least buy a LOT--like these tulips--and make a statement!

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