Thursday, April 12, 2012

Trip to the Science Center

The new science center recently opened downtown,  so we decided to take the grandchildren and spend an afternoon.  The museum is awesome and if you're passing through Hartford I highly recommend it!

The most fun room was the water room...especially good for younger children. (warning: they get really wet so pack a set of dry clothes)!
It's a world of swirling, whooshing and cascading water play areas, plus a hands-on magnetic ball wall.
Perfect for a two year old, Yosef loved the water but had wet clothing the rest of the day!
So much to see and do!
Aside from the water room my favorite was Sight and Sounds--an edgy mash up of art, music and science. There are exhibits where you can actually feel sound and others where you can hear light.
And, yes that's a baby bump--our daughter Ariel, is expecting baby number three this summer!
 If you're in the area:

Connecticut Science Center
250 Columbus Boulevard  Hartford, CT 06103

(860) 724-3623

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  1. Looks like a fun place. I had fun going to kid-science museums when mine were little too.


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