Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Kosher Delights: Halvah

I've recently rediscovered halvah. 
Although it's been around for years, I've taken a fresh look at this Middle Eastern confection. The kind that I buy is the marbled sesame/chocolate halvah. It's is made with a base of Tahini, mixed with honey and kneaded into a tacky dough which is allowed to set before being cut and served, or wrapped. 

Some consider it candy but it's so much healthier--an eight-ounce bar of plain halvah is about eight percent protein and is rich in omega-9 fatty acids, copper, iron, magnesium and calcium!

If you never had halvah the taste is hard to describe--it’s basically a sweet paste of sesame--kind of like a light, sweet peanut butter. If they don't sell it where you live you can make it yourself or buy it online here.

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