Monday, April 9, 2012

Condo Flipping in Florida

My sister Lisa and I had an idea: buy a condo in Florida that needed lots of work, fix it up and put it right back on the market for a profit. (Our father was a carpenter so this sort of thing is in our blood). Move over Donald Trump!

The condo we bought was in poor shape--old wall to wall carpeting, a mirrored wall and lots of bad wallpaper.  We had to stage it as inexpensively as possible if we were to make a profit.

Let's start with the kitchen--bad wallpaper, fake Tiffany shade, and outdated wood cabinet pulls and tile floor.
The old light fixture went into the trash but a nice lady I met at the dumpster asked if she could have it. Yes!
A new Ikea Melodi pendent replaced the "Tiffany" shade and the walls were painted a milk chocolate color to add some richness to a bland kitchen. Oil-rubbed bronze hardware replaced the wood pulls and I made a window valance from one curtain panel I found at Target. Laminate flooring replaced the outdated tile floor.

When you are staging a home for sale, small touches like fresh new towels on the oven make a big difference...
As do faux clementines on the counter.
The living/dining room had old carpet, a mirrored wall and seventies furniture.
The first step was taking out the mirrored wall and painting all the walls a neutral color. The old carpet was replaced with the same laminate floors in the kitchen and drapery panels soften the view looking out the sliding glass doors.
The dining room table and chairs were left behind, so I gave the brassy chandelier a coat of metallic bronze paint.
The chairs got the same paint treatment as the chandelier and I used the leftover fabric from the kitchen window valance to cover the seats.
Framed scrapbook paper adds color to the neutral walls.

The master bedroom also had old wallpaper, carpet and drab bedding.
The headboard was given a fresh coat of glossy white paint, the walls a beachy shade of soft gray/blue, a new duvet from Ikea and new mushroom colored carpet. So much fresher and more inviting, right?

The main bath was covered in "interesting" dark wallpaper making the room feel cave-like.
A soft gray/blue went on the walls and ceiling picking up the colors from the Bredgrund shower curtain I found at Ikea.
A lot of work, but we actually finished a day ahead of schedule and headed to Delray beach for a glorious day!

Lisa loves Delray and visits often but it was my first time there. It reminded me of the beach towns here in New England---quaint and chic!
We strolled across a bridge over the inter-coastal to get to the beach.
 The day turned out beautiful after threats of rain on the weather forecast.
The town is charming...filled with cafes and shops.
A saltwater fish tank was filled with real jellyfish and I loved these light fixtures--they reminded me of giant beach shells.

I don't know if we're going to make a profit on this project or if we'll do this again but it was a good excuse to go down to Florida and visit with my sister.

So, can I interest anyone in a nice condo in South Florida?

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  1. Great job - small changes make a BIG difference! Good luck with the sale!

  2. Thank you Amelia! It's on the market--we'll see what happens!

  3. Amazing - love it! Good luck selling!

  4. Great job! Big things really comes from small beginnings!

  5. would love to know if your condo sold and if you ended up profiting on it? We plan to flip our next house, so this always interests me.

  6. Great job! Big things really comes from small beginnings!

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