Monday, February 13, 2012

Yosef's Second Birthday

Our grandson Yosef turned two! Like most two-year-old boys, he loves trucks and cars (which he calls beep-beeps). So when it came time to pick a theme for his party, it wasn't a question.
I used little yellow toy trucks as a jumping off point and added blue for a second party color. We kept things simple since the party was small and the children were very young. See the yellow cups? They're Starbucks cold drink cups, painted yellow. The lids fit nice and snug so I knew there would not be any spilled milk with these. (The nice people at Starbucks know me since I'm there so often and gave me the cups and tops for free!)
 I made the cupcake toppers using stickers, a circle punch and some other supplies...
Hanging the balloons from the ceiling with string is easier than getting a bunch of helium balloons into your car. Here's a little trick to get them to hang nicely...
Put a marble inside the balloon before blowing it up. The weight of the marble will keep it hanging straight.
The chocolate covered marshmallows couldn't be easier to make: put a stick into the marshmallow, dip it into melted chocolate, add sprinkles, done!

 All guests went home with goody boxes filled with hard-to-find kosher candy.
His favorite gift was a tool table from Savta and Sabba. Of course, big sister Moussia had to make sure he was doing everything correctly!

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  1. What beautiful grandchildren you have!! I love everything from the decorations to the cute! Thanks for stopping by my blog and saying hello. I'm your newest follower and I'm excited to keep strolling through your blog. You have a lot of great ideas! -Kristi (kriskraft)


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