Sunday, February 26, 2012

Purim Gift Baskets

Purim is a week from Thursday. My favorite part of this holiday is giving food gift baskets (called Shalach Manot in Hebrew) to friends and family. Here are the rules: Include at least two items of ready-to-eat  food or drink in your food basket and send at least two food gifts.

These ideas first appeared in my book, Jewish Holiday Style.  My baskets for this Purim aren't quite finished yet, so I am sharing these with you today and will show you my new baskets later this week.
Have a friend that loves to garden? Here's the perfect basket. Use any kind of flower pot, add some gardening tools, and a few packs of seeds. Even the gift tag looks like a plant marker (it's just a printed card stock square taped to a Bamboo skewer).

This basket is fun for a young family with kids--"Things that Go Pop". Everything in the basket goes pop starting with the popcorn, lollipops, paper popper, bubbles, bubblegum, pop tarts, champagne, and even the gift tag is a mini balloon! The container is a paper ice bucket from the party store, covered with white office supply dot stickers that I colored with markers. I'll be using the same paper ice buckets for my baskets this year, so stay tuned to see what I did with them!

                                                                                                                                                                                                          ALL PHOTOS BY SHAFFER/SMITH PHOTOGRAPHY
Have friends who love Chinese take-out? Others who are into organic dining? These are the  baskets for them. Ask your local Chinese restaurant if they will sell you empty, clean white take out containers. Fill with condiments for stir fry, fortune cookies and chop-sticks. Stuff your organic baskets with all things organic including organic fruit--even the straw filling the basket is biodegradable!

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  2. Gracious,how beautiful and what an fantastic tradition.I would love to have the family basket and begin my own convention in my family.We are expecting our first great grandchild and I see how critical custom is to family.Thank you ahead of time –thank you for everything you do.

    Rachel Wood.

  3. Really interesting!!Purim baskets regularly contain cookies,candies,masks, and noisemakers, and arrive in a bag or box.Loads of individuals get creative with these things.What's inside your Purim Basket can be pretty much as creative as the packaging.Thanks a lot.

    @Betty Allen.

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