Friday, December 16, 2011

Botanical Menorah

Over the years we have collected many menorahs, some more attractive than others. Now that the kids are grown we only light one and the rest stay in storage. It's still hard to hold myself back from adding to our collection, though. Especially with so many talented artisans coming up with more and more beautiful menorah designs.

I tend to gravitate towards botanical-themed menorahs:
Clockwise from top left: Tree of Life menorah, by Karen Rossi; Botanical Leaf menorah, by Michael Aram; Bronze Vine menorah, Crate and Barrel; Birds in Pomegranate Tree, by Yair Emanuel;  Chrome plated menorah, New York Botanical Garden.

Recently, I stumbled across this fascinating article about ancient menorahs--it explains where the G-dly inspiration for the first menorah came from.

A sage plant! It really does look like a candelabra. Check out this picture, above.

This menorah has been with us for years.
It's perfectly fine but not very exciting. I thought that since I'm always transforming furniture and rooms why not try and turn this into a botanical menorah?
I bought some sheet moss and floral wire from Michael's and some used some live ivy.
After cutting the moss with scissors, I wrapped it around the base using the floral wire.
I continued doing this until the entire menorah was covered in moss.
I didn't bring the moss up too close to where the candles would be burning for safety reasons.
Next I snipped a few stems of ivy and wrapped them around the body of the menorah. I added a few tiny blue silk flowers for a bit of color against all the green.
Editorial note: The ivy stays fresh for a few days--I would recommend either snipping new pieces every few days or substituting silk ivy. Also, since this is not fire proof, please don't leave the candles while they are burning!

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