Monday, November 14, 2011

Love is Sweet

I’ve always loved weddings and all the events associated with them…bridal showers, engagement parties, etc. I even wrote a book entitled Jewish Weddings to indulge this obsession.

So when friends asked me to “decorate” the candy table for their son’s L' Chaim, or engagement party I of course, said yes! 
I asked them to choose a color for the table as a jumping off point—we went with a classic Tiffany blue. I started with the candy, choosing mostly blues to unify the color scheme. We used glass containers I had on hand and borrowed the rest from friends. To add a custom look, I wrapped each canister with a silky blue ribbon and added a label with the type of candy written on it.

Next, came the pom poms…I found the Martha Stewart white tissue pom poms on sale and loved the wedding-like look it added to the ambiance of the table.
Here is the tiered dessert stand I showed you yesterday made from plastic flower pot saucers. The bottom tiers worked well to hold larger items like the candy pretzels. 
I took the first letters of the bride and groom names (Rachel and Matt) and put together this centerpiece with wood letters from Michael’s Crafts…a wood heart painted blue finishes the piece.
The candy table was a big hit at a wonderful party--I can't wait for the wedding!

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