Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Sukkot at Home

Remember when I showed you how I made this plastic cup chandelier for my sukkah? Well, the sukkah is up and ready for guests, so here it is hanging in all its glory! I love how the fixture is huge and makes a statement—no need for other decorations.
The schach, or roof, of this sukkah is made up of bamboo mats specially made for a sukkah. Although I love to use pine tree branches, these are much more convenient and easy to store. 
This is the same sukkah frame we used for our Garden-inspired sukkah but we switched out the lattice walls for fabric walls instead. The fabric is actually twin sized sheets from the discount store and is much easier to store and carry.

I won't be posting until the holiday is over on Sunday, so stop by for more great ideas!
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