Friday, October 7, 2011

Garden Inspired Sukkah

As some of you may know, I wrote a book on the Jewish Holidays (Jewish Holiday Style). Since then, I am often asked which holiday is my favorite. Without hesitation I answer “Sukkot”. After all, it gives me the opportunity to design a new outdoor dining room every year! It also doesn’t hurt that autumn is my favorite season. 

This photo is from my book—I took the idea of a garden gazebo and tried to create a sukkah with a garden-like feel. I used lattice for the walls, an arched entry, and lots of potted fall flowers throughout the sukkah.

                                            SHAFFER/SMITH PHOTOGRAPHY
The candelabra chandelier was used for the purpose of the photo only, but for safety purposes and longer lasting light you can use an electric chandelier instead. The schach, or roof of this sukkah was made up of pine tree branches that we found in the woods behind our house and I added dried hydrangeas throughout the branches. Outdoor cafe seating adds even more to the garden feel. 

Check in next week for more Sukkah ideas...

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