Sunday, October 2, 2011

Plastic Cup Chandelier

No, it's not a jelly fish and it's not an avant guarde light fixture from Soho. It's my new light chandelier for our sukkah.
It's made from several packs of 9 oz. soft plastic cups, stapled together. I shot this photo on my porch since our sukkah isn't going up until next week. Here is how I made it.

The first thing you need is a pliers stapler. I bought mine on Amazon because I couldn't find one locally.  These are a must because they reach into the cup and staple them together.

Form your cups into a circle using clothespins to keep them in place.

Using the pliers stapler, staple each cup to the one next to it. Next, start another row on top of the first one using the clothespins to hold them in place and stapling them together.

After a while it should look something like this:

For the light, I used a low energy bulb that doesn't get too hot and I used wire to twist around the cord keep the cord from slipping. Here is a shot I took at night.

I'll be posting lots more ideas for sukkot so check back this week!

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