Sunday, September 25, 2011

School Desk into Nightstand

I am excited that our son Ben is coming home for Rosh Hashanah this week. (He’s in his last year at the University of Vermont). While he was gone, the nightstand in his room was moved into another bedroom so I wanted to be sure he had a replacement this week. I found this antique child’s desk for $10.00 a while back at a local shop. It was the perfect size and height for a nightstand, and very sturdy--made of sold oak. It even has the indentations for pencils so they don’t roll off the desk!
My first thought was to strip the finish off the desk and give it a nice gray stain. But, not having much time because of all the holiday preparations, I decided to paint it a soft gray instead.
After a coat of primer I rolled on two coats of Benjamin Moore’s Paris Gray. I find a sponge roller gives the smoothest finish, and then I brush the areas that the roller can’t get into.
I love how the cubbie is the perfect place to stash away books and tissues without taking up space on the top.

Now, on to the cooking!

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