Sunday, June 26, 2011

Oregon Trip

I still haven’t adjusted to the time change yet, but I wanted to share my photos of this awesome trip I took to Oregon with my sister Lisa.

We started out in Portland. The first day we went to Multnomah Falls with our “tour guide” cousin Jeannette, who moved there from Chicago 30 years ago. We hiked one mile uphill to view the falls from this bridge suspended over the rushing river below. With the falls continuing to tower above us it was simply awesome on this misty day, typical of Oregon weather.

Next we saw the famous Portland Japanese garden—equisite and serene. 

River rocks and moss are recurring themes throughout the garden.

We have a lot of moss in our yard at home and I always considered it a nuisance, but here, the moss was embraced and incorporated into the garden as a beautiful ground cover. 

 Loved the simplicity of this bamboo fence.

Our second day was spent shopping in the city. We loved the vibe of Portland—very mellow and laid back. (I’m used to New York City which moves SO quickly—here many of the streets were almost quiet).  

Although West Elm has stores in many cities across the U.S. neither Lisa nor I have one in Hartford, CT or St. Louis, MO. We were excited to wander around the Portland store and see things that we only admired in their catalog.  We loved this tree covered with pages from a book.

Lisa teaches high school art and wants to do a project with her students using this idea. I am thinking of creating something for a Rosh Hashanah centerpiece with Hebrew type. 

Another fun store was Cargo—eye candy for designers!  This store imports goods from the Orient and other countries. It had some of the most unique and funky items I’ve seen. 

Another beautiful garden we visited in Portland was the Chinese Garden. I especially loved the way they laid the stone floors. The pattern reminded me of an antique quilt. 

 Me and Lisa at the Chinese Garden.

Our last few days in Oregon, were spent in Ashland, five hours south of Portland. This small town is hopping with tourists all summer because of the many outdoor theaters.

We didn’t have enough time to actually attend any of them, but did see the gorgeous town and shops, while visiting dear friends who grew up with us in Cleveland. 

This shop was filled with unusual accessories and furniture for the home...

Wonderful trip to the Northwest!

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