Sunday, June 12, 2011

Shades at Last

Although we’re lived in this house for 6 years, I am embarrassed to tell you that up until a few weeks ago, our bedroom still had the ugly white vinyl roller shades that came with the house. 

It wasn’t that I didn’t want to replace them; it was the weird sizes of the windows that kept me from doing anything. I wanted to buy something off the shelf, but the windows were not standard sizes and I didn’t want to shell out hundreds of dollars for custom window treatments. 

Finally, the large shade ripped and the time came to replace them. I took my measurements and went to Lowe’s. I was surprised and delighted to find these Solar Shades by Levolor. Not only did they come in my choice of colors, the package said Trim&Go! 

I found the nice lady in window treatment department to cut them to my exact measurements and as advertised, they were super easy to install. They open and close smoothly, and the price was under $150 for a total of 92 feet of window covering.  

The best thing about them is while I can view the outdoors, others can’t see in. They can work in almost any decor, from contemporary to traditional.
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