Monday, December 5, 2011

Paper Dreidels

I've been making these paper dreidels for years and they never fail to add a fun, festive note to the holiday.  Not only can you can display the dreidels in many different ways but by changing the color of the paper you can achieve many different looks. Below they range from a playful to chic look.
                                                                                                                                                                                                          PHOTO: SHAFFER/SMITH PHOTOGRAPHY
This photo appeared in my book, Jewish Holiday Style.  These dreidels were made with richly colored paper and hung from the ceiling. This works great in a doorway or hanging in clusters above the dining table.

Another way to display them is in a garland. Here I used softer, pastel colored paper that echoed the colors in my home and strung the dreidels on string.
Years ago, Better Homes and Gardens magazine came to our home to do a story on Chanukah for their holiday issue. It was their idea to string the dreidels I created as a garland across our mantle. The "OY" was originally hanging in the kitchen, but when the style director saw it he insisted on adding it to the shot for a whimsical touch!
Above, is a page from the Better Homes and Gardens spread with our son Ben stringing some dreidels. (He's now in his last year of college)!
Paper dreidels also work well for an elegant place setting (left) or as Martha Stewart shows you (right) they can be filled with candy or nuts and used as favors at a Chanukah celebration.

Here is a template for the dreidels...just print and take to a copy shop to enlarge to whatever size you'd like.


  1. Love the garland! Thanks for sharing!

  2. How gorgeous!!! Love the pastel colors and the "oy" sign. What a fabulous holiday mantel! So glad I came across your blog, I love your work. I'll be featuring your mantel as one of my favorite picks from the link party!

  3. your mantle is beautiful! and i love your garland! off to check out more of your blog!

  4. Love this idea...thanks for sharing. Stop by and enter to win my Heirloom ornament...only 1 day left to enter. I'm a follower too, so I don't miss any new ideas. Warm wishes, Lori

  5. Love this! What a creative way to decorate your mantel. I'm new to your blog but have enjoyed looking around this morning. Thanks! :)

  6. You are my kind of holiday crafting genius. :)

    So glad I found your project via Centsational Girl.

    I would love for you to visit DTA as I am in the midst of a "Gifts You Can Make" series.

    Be merry and bright!

  7. How lovely! I am so glad your linky caught my eye at Hooked on Houses!
    Happy Holidays!
    Kerry at HouseTalkN

  8. These paper dreidels are looking so beautiful. This can be used for Hanukkah decoration as spinning dreidels is an important part of celebrating Hanukkah.

  9. I'm so glad that I found your site. I'm Jewish, my husband is Catholic and we are raising my 3.5 year old daughter Jewish. I came from a family who did not decorate for the holidays and now I feel that I must as Christmas is a lot about decorating to achieve the holiday spirit. I had no idea where to start with decorating to incorporate both holidays. Your ideas will go a long way to help blend both holidays.

  10. So delighted to have found this for my door. I can't wait to get this one going. Love it! Thanks for sharing!!!

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  12. Hi Rita, your dreidel template link isn't working. Might you be able to fix it? I'd love to make these!
    Thanks, Dawn

  13. please help - the template link doesn't work!! thanks

  14. Help! The link for the template isn't working. :(

  15. I cannot find the template. Can someone here help me find the template, please? Shoshana


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