Friday, December 2, 2011

Eight Nights of Chanukah

The essence of the holiday of Chanukah is lighting the menorah. We start out lighting one candle the first night, and add another each night until finally, all eight candles are lit. 
If you have children, start a new tradition at your house—small gifts bags to receive each night after candle lighting. These small bags have a label on the front showing how many candles were lit that night.  The child gets a festive bag containing a small trinket or candy.  I strung these on a decorative cord, but you can also line them up on a window sill or a bookcase. 
 After buying my supplies, I made the labels for each bag.
I had some white and yellow cardstock leftover from another project. The white labels were cut to 2 x 3 inches and the yellow labels a bit larger to get a nice frame of yellow.
The fun part for me was buying little inexpensive gifts to slip into the bags. I found puzzles, mini art supplies, kosher candy, stickers, old fashioned finger traps…anything goes that is age appropriate. 
 Does your family have any Chanukah traditions?


  1. super cute, i love this. we always used that plastic envelope type one when i was growing up. it's super refreshing to see some chanukah up in blogland!

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