Monday, December 26, 2011

Day in NYC

I ♥ New York. I moved to Manhattan the minute I graduated from college. I lived there for ten years, worked as an art director in the magazine industry, and met my husband coming back from LaGuardia Airport. Even though we have long since traded in our Upper-East-Side apartment for a house in the suburbs, New York will always have my heart. Even thought it's only a train ride away, I never seem to find the time to get into the city as often as I'd like. So when my BFF (from the fourth grade!) e-mailed and said she has the day off from work, I marked my calender and made a day of it.

Although I had a long list of places I wanted to hit, I had to narrow it down to just a few since I only had one day to explore. My train arrived into Grand Central—it's a treat just wandering around and taking in the splendor of Grand Central station. As an added bonus, the Holiday Art Fair is held there every December. (Imagine Etsy stores in real life times 100!) Every shop contains jaw-dropping, gorgeous hand crafted items.

I loved all the shops—especially the hand thrown pottery and hammered silver candlesticks and bowls.

Next we headed downtown to Union Square, which was a bit calmer than midtown. The white urns are actually sinks in the washroom where we stopped for lunch. (This is why I love NY—even the bathrooms are so cool.) The ceiling of the restaurant was decorated with gift packages suspended from the ceiling.
I couldn't leave the area without popping into ABC carpet and home—it's like a candy store for designers. Even though all the goods contained within are luxurious to the max, ABC Carpet & Home's six-floor (!) Manhattan flagship retains a certain warehouse aesthetic:  worn hardwood floors creak under your feet, glittering chandeliers and gigantic antique carpets adorn the high ceilings, and furniture vignettes—often more piles than displays—stand everywhere.
Across the street from ABC is Fishs Eddy. It is packed to the max with millions of edgy, unique and incredibly fun dishes and glasses. Most items are pretty affordable so it's a fun place to shop.
It gets dark so early this time of year, so our last stop in this neighborhood was West Elm. I'm always pouring over their catalogs, but I don't often get a chance to walk around the store and see things up close since we don't have any stores in Connecticut. I bought this small bowl as an inspiration piece—there might be some redecorating in my future and I love the colors and patterns on this bowl!
We walked up to 34th street since we both took trains home from Penn station. The sidewalks were crowded with tourists peeking into the holiday windows at Macy's and I looked up to get a shot of the Empire State building all lit up. Great day and we agreed to do this more often!

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