Thursday, November 24, 2011

Chanukah Gift Guide: 20 under $20

I am pleased to present to you the first annual Design Megillah 20 under 20 holiday shopping guide! Chanukah is less than four weeks away and if you plan on giving gifts, this is the place to find them.

I love to shop--if I can’t shop for myself, I’ll shop for others. I complied twenty items under twenty dollars (can you say 'affordable'?!). And the best part (drum-roll, please...) is that everything can be ordered online so you can shop in your PJs, whenever!

I turned my favorite stores inside-out looking for affordable gifts that fit my requirement for great design. These gifts are the perfect way to make a big impact without re-financing your mortgage. Hopefully there is something for everyone! And if they don’t love it, well, you can always send it my way…
1. Carved Wood Serving Platter  $20.00
2. Aton Bowls   $8.00 each
3. Custom Round Rubber Stamp Monogram  $19.99
4. Stainless Steel Bowl   $19.99
5. Bell Jar   $19.95
6. Iron Door Stop or Paperweight   $18.00
7. Tumblers   $8.00 each
8. Burts Bee Exclusive Gift Set $20.00
9. Geography Glass   $12.00 each
10. Market Umbrella   $15.95
11. Metal Baskets   $11.00-$19.00
12. Leaf Door Stop    $14.00
13. Salad Spoons   $15.00
14. Shagreen Round Box   $20.00
15. Kosher Pomegrante Preserves   $6.95
16. Train Set   $12.00
17. Black & Sand tote   $19.95
18. Quartz Metal Alarm Clock   $17.89
19. Natural Birch Bark Vase
mygardengate on   $15.95
20. Square Vases   bowl: $19.00  bud: $12.00

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  1. Great ideas! Love the wood plate and the geography glasses!


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