Sunday, October 16, 2011

We love Ikea

Here is what the grand children's toy shelf looked like a few weeks ago.
Toys were crammed into baskets—there weren’t enough of them to keep things organized. Puzzle and game pieces were always missing. It was hard to find the toy they wanted to play  with since sometimes it was buried under Lego's or dress up clothes. Clean up was difficult—how do you clean up when there wasn’t a specific place to put things?

It was time for a trip to Ikea. 

Ikea has several options for children’s storage, and we decided to go with the Trofast storage system. It’s really easy to assemble, and you can design the frames in many configurations to work for your needs. The plastic storage boxes come in three different sizes so depending on the size and shape of the toys; you can choose the best one for you.
Because they can’t read yet, I took some photos of the toys and taped them onto the front of the drawers, so they know what’s inside.
 I don’t know if the kids are happier but their mommy is!

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