Monday, October 17, 2011

Simchat Torah Flags

The eight day holiday of Sukkot is followed immediately with Simchat Torah.  This holiday is marked in jubilant celebrations complete with clapping, singing, dancing and young children waving their parade flags.
                                                SHAFFER/SMITH PHOTOGRAPHY
If you have little ones celebrating, these flags are easy to make with felt from the craft store. The great thing about working with felt is that there is no sewing—just fabric glue to hold the cut pieces in place.

I glued the flags onto painted wood dowels and for a finishing touch, I filled clear plastic ball ornaments with candy for a sweet treat.


  1. so what kind of glue did you use to glue the felt onto the flag pole? can i get this at michaels too? I just bought these very mini canvas totes for the pekalach bag and was thinking that the kids can decorate those too (i would like to have a candy bar at the end for make your own pekalach) so was thinking that they can decorate the pekalach bag and flag. I really think that decorating a "make your own sukkah decoration" would be great too but cant think of anything that is cute

    1. I used fabric glue, sold at Michael's. It takes a while for this to dry, so you might want the kids to make flags from colored paper and tape.

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