Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Family Trees

I've been thinking about creating a family tree. Not only can these be beautiful works of art for the home, but a family tree can help little ones make sense of their heritage and understand how they relate to each relative. Here are some modern family tree ideas I found for inspiration...
This whimsical tree by the graphic designer, Lisa Rupp would make a wonderful gift for a new baby.
Here's a different idea from Martha Stewart--create a unique family tree using a random assortment of family keepsakes in a delicate glass dome.
Love the simple shape and clean colors of this tree from
Gorgeous typography and I love how the name of the state is added in the green leaf,
by Jill Means Design, Inc.
Remake the traditional family tree with a fresh and friendly graphic update. How cute would this tree be in a child's room?  Martha even gives you the templates.
I've seen this tree at my local Hallmark's quite heavy and very's about 20 inches wide, so I would just need a large enough spot to keep it.

With its warm gray tone and beautiful details, this drawing by New York artist Melinda Beck has a sophisticated charm and a pleasing symmetry that's perfect for an elegant family tree. 
Martha  gives you the template to create your own.
This might be the easiest to create...just write the names on leaves cut out from colored paper.


  1. Hi,
    Where did you get the design for the last tree? I am making one for my sister and I would like the pattern - thank you!!!

  2. Beautiful post - my parents have put a lot of effort into the genealogy of our family, I would love to turn it into a poster for them... hmmm... another thing for my must do list! x

    1. Thanks for writing--yes, it's another thing on my to do list, too!

  3. Beautiful and creative family tree designs. Thanks for the share.


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