Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Handmade Jewish New Year Cards

This year, I decided to make my own Jewish New Year cards. These are made from pretty colored paper I found in the scrap book section at Michael’s. I simply cut shapes out of the colored paper and glued into place. 

I bought ready-made folding cards with matching envelopes in a cream color to make things easy and colored paper.

The first step was to cut my background colored paper a bit smaller than the front of the note card, like this. I used double sided tape to tape paper in place.

I used this apple clip art as a guide to trace my apple shape...
I printed the clip art apple out on my printer and traced the shape onto the scrap book paper. Then I cut out the apples using sharp scissors.

I went outside to my garden and found real twigs to glue on the apple as the stem.

I added a green leaf, and typed the greeting on my computer, printed, cut out and glue into place.

Next I made a bee hive card, using the same technique. I found this clip art to use as my guide.

After tracing the shapes onto the colored paper, everything was cut (I used small manicure scissors to cut out the rounded edges and bees) and then glued into place with a glue stick.

Bumble bees were drawn with a black Sharpie marker on yellow paper. The wings are cut from transparent vellum paper. The greeting was printed on scrap book paper on my home printer, then cut out with scissors.
 I can't wait to send these out to family and friends!


  1. This is a cute card idea. My sister and brother-in-law are Jewish so I could make this for them. But, it would make a great encouragement card for a Gentile too. Of course I would have to leave out the part about it being Rosh Hashanah:)

  2. fantastic cards!!I was looking for ideas for Rosh Hashana cards and found your blog .

    1. Thanks Debby--stay tuned for my upcoming cards for this year!

  3. Thank for sharing!!!
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