Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Sun room, layer by layer

After living in this house for almost six years, I decided it was finally time to finish our sun room. What a difference a few touches like curtains and accessories can make!

Here is what it looked liked when we first moved into our home.

For the first layer I added a natural fiber rug, which works well in an enclosed porch.

Next came the furniture which I found on Craig's List. I painted the bamboo frames of the sofa and chairs chocolate brown. The cushions were reupholstered in a spring green cotton. (Wish I had "before" pics but this was done long before I knew I'd be blogging!)

Below is a detail of the coffee table that you may remember from my "What can you do with a place mat?" post. If you'd like to read about it, click here.

The most dramatic change was the addition of white sheer curtain panels. They soften the whole space, and change the quality of light that floods into the sun room.

Accessories add soul and personality to any room. I love incorporating organic materials whenever possible to bring the outdoors in.

It's a great spot to relax "bug-free" and still enjoy the outdoors.


  1. Your sunroom looks lovely! It is very nice and decent. Do not forget to be informed regarding its proper maintenance and care for it to remain attractive for many years.

  2. Wonderful idea.Having a sun room would really make you feel more comfortable, if you are planning to have this as your home addition project. It would look very refreshing and peaceful.


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