Monday, May 9, 2011

Ribboned Wall

Since the bed in a master bedroom has the leading role, the wall behind that bed is the supporting actor.

Here is a super easy, inexpensive way to enhance that wall using nothing but grosgrain ribbon and thumbtacks. I must admit it took a while, but because there's no mess or chemical smell, it can be done over a period of days while still sleeping in the room.

The first step was to draw light pencil lines to form the pattern. I used a level and ruler to do this. Next, I started from the top of the wall and ran the ribbon down to the floor, using a bit of double backed tape to hold things in place before I was able to criscross and insert a thumbtack. I did a diamond pattern but squares would also work.

I didn't want my thumbtacks the silver color they came in, so I pushed them into a piece of styrofoam and spraypainted them in a bronze color.

The paint color is Cappuccino from Restoration Hardware.

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  1. Love this idea!
    You have a great little blog and an awesome eye for details!
    Will be trying this project, for sure! Thanks for posting.

    PS. Your link from Remodelaholic wasn't tied to this post, just you main page- so I had to search for it. That may keep you from getting traffic on this post. FYI

  2. Love it! I came across this page when doing an engine search on "how to tape a wall for diamond pattern." My original idea was to paint, but now am tempted in doing this instead, came out great and the thumbtacks add an extra touch to the wall.

    1. was easy but time consuming...but worth it!


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