Sunday, October 19, 2014

Store Crush:Terrain

I recently found myself in Westport, Connecticut and discovered Terrain. The store is a bit hard to explain: part garden center, part home decor shop all rolled into one with a coffee bar and restaurant to boast. I'm not really much of a gardener but after spending an hour at Terrain I want to become one! Since pictures say more than words here you go...
Outside the shop was so inspirational!
These orbs would make a great light fixture!
Inside the store was filled with great decorating ideas using humble garden materials.
This over-sized urn filled with gourds was so dramatic!
Note to self: must make a terrarium this winter. 
Birch candles would be perfect for the Thanksgiving table.
Loved these Myrtle topiaries.
One of these delicate brass trees came home with me!
I'm so inspired to incorporate organic fall decor into our home after walking through the store.
Don't have a store near you?
Many of their products are sold can check out their website here.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Best of Simchat Torah

Simchat Torah is the next will end the holiday of Sukkot and the month long high holiday season.  It's a joyous day with lots of singing and dancing and children especially love to join in the celebration. Here are some fun ideas from the designmegillah archives...

Felt Torahs

Edible Torahs

Simchat Torah Flags

Chag Shamach!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Lulav and Etrog

I was hoping to share photos of my "dream sukkah" with you.  (I blogged about that here.) But, the money set aside for the sukkah was spent on oral surgery (!) and my dream sukkah will have to wait until next year. (This year we just borrowed a nylon snap together sukkah--trust me it's not blog worthy!)

So instead, let's talk about the lulav and important part of the holiday of sukkot.
This combination of palm, willow, and myrtle branches, along with a yellow etrog, are shaken each day of Sukkot along with blessings. 

The four species represent different parts of the human body: the etrog is the heart; the straight palm is the sturdy spine of the Jewish people; the rounded myrtle leaf is the eye and the willow leaf is the mouth. This symbolism reminds us to serve God with every part of our being. There are many other symbols for the lulav and etrog, which you can read more about here.

We've have a few days of rain but mostly beautiful weather in the 60's to enjoy meals with friends. How is your holiday?

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Etrog Cookies

What do you serve for dessert after a meal in the sukkah? Etrog cookies, of course!
You can use any sugar cookie recipe you'd like—I like these Pumpkin Sugar Cookies.
1. Start with an apple corer to make the basic shape. 
2. I used an empty plastic container to make a rim.
3. Start cutting out the wedges, leaving a piece between each wedge.
4. You'll have to use your fingers to pinch together the cookie where you cut and it's not attached.
5. Bake halfway in the oven till firm, then add crushed lemon hard candies in the segments, continue baking until done.

Let cool and enjoy in your sukkah!

Sunday, October 5, 2014

12 Great Decorating Ideas for the Sukkah

For many of us, Sunday was "Sukkah Day". With Yom Kippur behind us and a non-work day for most, Sunday was the ideal day to get the sukkah up and ready for Wednesday night...the first night of Sukkot.  After the tools are put away the fun begins...the decorations!  Here are some of my favorite picks to inspire your sukkah decorating.

N A T U R E  I N S P I R E D
I am crazy for these organic wood beads mixed with dried oranges and autumn leaves.
I created something similar with dried oranges and wood beads stung as a natural garland.
Tie bunches of citrus together, add some leaves and hang from the sechach for elegant decor.
It's as easy as stacking three pumpkins together to create this pumpkin topiary.

L I G H T   U P   T H E   N I G H T
With lots of greenery the white lights are all that is needed to create an elegant setting.
Under the Stars with rows of tiny white lights.
Wrap a hula-hoop with orange lights for a festive chandelier.

 A D D   C O L O R   F O R   F U N !
The children would love to help make these colorful paper rings and fruit garlands.
Paper chains look so pretty when done in a modulation of color like these.
Plastic plates are so cute when they look like giant buttons!
Plastic tablecloths are often one dollar so these streamers couldn't be more of a bargain!
How easy is this? Slice a pool noodle and hang on string to create a garland!

How will you decorate your sukkah? I'd love to see...upload a photo on Facebook!

Friday, October 3, 2014

Bar Stools from Charish

Last month I sold a pair of bed frames on Charishit's an exclusive curator-approved, online marketplace for vintage furniture.  I was so impressed with their "white glove" service—the beds were picked up from my home, wrapped and handled with care.  After they were delivered to the buyer I received a check in the mail! 

Here's the story with our bar stools...
Last year we completed a huge kitchen reno. It involved removing the wall between the dining room and kitchen which created a spot for this awesome breakfast bar.  After spending way more $$ on the kitchen than I hoped, I bought these stools...they were cheap but basically worked in the space. 

Now that we're using the space daily I'm finding the stools are not as comfortable as I'd like. I think something with a back would make them a lot more user friendly. Charish has some great choices and these are some that I'm considering...
The white deck stool (left) would be a nice contrast to my dark base cabinet. The black industrial stools would look great in the kitchen and play off the industrial looking brass light fixture over the sink. And the upholstered leather would be so comfortable and we'd probably sit there a lot more often!  There are lots of other bar stools at Charish—it's fun to check out their website every so often since things are always changing.

Which one would you choose?

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The New/Old House: Yosef's Room

Although he's only four years old, Yosef keeps asking when I'm going to "decorate" his room.  Since moving in this past summer there hasn't been much time to give his room much love—until now.  Here's what I'm thinking...
1. The walls are currently an off-white so it shouldn't be too hard to paint them a soft gray and give them this horizontal stripped wall treatment.
2. I'd love to incorporate a large "map" either on one wall or maybe just blown up and framed with some molding.
3. He already has the Ikea Trofast toy storage system so I'll incorporate that into the design.
4. He's only four but they grow up so fast--he'll need a desk eventually.
5. I bought this bed on Craig's List when he turned three. It's painted a dark blue but it's kind of chipped after the move so a fresh coat of a...
6. brick red will look great.
7. An indoor/outdoor rug holds up so well to boy's wear and tear and is so easy to clean. This one is from Home Decorators Collection.

He already has a dresser and I hope to swap the wood blinds (currently in the girl's room) into his, so we'll see how this progresses!
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